How to get a thousand Instagram Likes

News 07:06 June 2024:

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In just two weeks, a picture ad of Coca-Cola featuring renowned musician Selena Gomez got more than 4 million Instagram likes, making it the most liked picture ever posted on Instagram. For most people however, reaching one hundred likes on a single post in a day is a great achievement. However, the secret to getting many likes on any social network is becoming popular. Try everything possible to get more followers on Instagram and you will soon start seeing the number of your likes rise.

But then, how do you become popular if you can attract people to like your posts? Well, on instagram everything is about being glamorous. Look for a high definition camera and take the clearest pictures you can get. But don’t let everything end at high quality pictures. Make them fun to watch, by taking more pictures that appear funny or posts that look authentic. And if you wish to make a brand out of yourself, ensure that you clearly define what you want your instagram followers to learn from you.