Balancing between personal and selfish on Twitter

News 08:06 June 2024:

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For you to be able to get many twitter likes, people have to actually like what you are posting. This is a very important point to note if you are really serious about getting those likes. You have to be able to pick the twitter world’s interest. This is where things get tricky. Many people go by the common misconception that posting every single thing about what is happening in their lives is what will get them those likes on twitter. This is extremely misguided. You need to know how to strike the balance between personal and selfish.

It is not wrong to get personal on twitter. You need to be able to allow people to relate with you. They need to get to know who you are so that they can be comfortable interacting with you. That is as far as getting personal on twitter should go. You should be able to just give sufficient information to allow people to get to know who you are, what you stand for and what does or does not interest you; basically stick to the basics. Do not start becoming selfish by thinking that the rest of the world ceased to exist the moment that you joined twitter. You want to keep on telling people about your personal life and even the things that should be kept secret are being advertised to the entire world on twitter. This will not get you the twitter likes; it will only push people away from you. Balance between posting things about yourself and also posting things out there that are relevant to people out there.